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David Tennant: project news and updates

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  • Doctor Who
David Tennant to star in Doctor Who 50th anniversary
Doctor Who Magazine has announced that David Tennant and Billie Piper will appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special episode which will air on Saturday 23rd November.
The episode will receive a limited worldwide 3D cinema release. Also starring in the episode will be John Hurt. Filming on the episode is imminent.
More information here.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

David Tennant appears on Royal Mail Doctor Who stamp
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A set of Doctor Who 50th anniversary commemorative stamps are issued on Tuesday 26th March by the Royal Mail. All 11 Doctors are shown on different stamps plus First Day Covers and different strips are available. More information here.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter
Paisley Daily Express has an article about David Tennant's name appearing on their local mail. The article also includes a quote from David's father.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter
Escapist Magazine reports that mail sent from Bathgate will will bear a Doctor Who 50th anniversary mark and David Tennant's name.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

ShowMasters competition
ShowMasters have a competition to win a David Tennant autograph (and part of a TARDIS).
More information here.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • The Great Scott
David Tennant will play Walter Scott on BBC Radio Four on Sunday 14th April in a dramatisation of his book The Fair Maid Of Perth. This is the first of a three part celebration of the writer's work.
More information here.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • The Politician's Husband
Clips of  The Politician's Husband were shown last night (Saturday) in a BBC Two trailer of various forthcoming programmes. The trailer included a clip of David Tennant's character saying on the telephone (close-up facing the camera) "Rather you than me, love."
A video of the BBC Two Trailer (which includes the clips of The Politician's Husband) has been posted to YouTube.

Source: David Tennant on Twitter

The Telegraph lists The Politician's Husband in its 'Culture and Arts Things To See in April'. It says that it will air from Monday 22nd April. If that is correct then it means that the first episode of The Politician's Husband will broadcast on the day of the final episode of Broadchurch. If The Politician's Husband is similar to The Politician's Wife then it will have to be in a post 9pm watershed slot. Hopefully BBC Two will broadcast it at 10pm and not 9pm which is the broadcast time for Broadchurch!
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • Broadchurch
All the latest reviews, photos, articles, etc. can be found here.

  • Diary dates
Sun 31 Mar - David Tennant's episode of Shakespeare Uncovered about Hamlet premieres on ABC1 in Australia at 10.30pm.
Sun 31 Mar - The Doctors Revisited: The Third Doctor premieres on BBC America in the US at 8pm which includes David Tennant interview clips.
Mon 1 Apr - All six episodes of Earthflight will be repeated all day long on Eden.
Mon 1 Apr - Episode five of Broadchurch premieres on ITV at 9pm.
Wed 3 Apr - Episode one of Spies Of Warsaw premieres on BBC America in the US at 9pm.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

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