Sunday, 31 March 2013

Tony Roper: 'dream car' interview

Tony Roper's dream car is the Batmobile
He’s not too keen on the costume, but the playwright, actor and comedian just loves the Caped Crusader’s original bat wheels

Tony Roper 
Tony Roper does not even have to think twice.
His dream car? “The Batmobile. It’s got to be the Batmobile,” he declared.
“It does everything – there’s nothing it couldn’t get you. It would even make your tea and you could park it anywhere.
“I think we might look a bit silly in the outfits – Isobel and I sitting there dressed as Batman and Catwoman – but it just looks the business.
“I’d want the old one, not the new one – the one that was in the comics with the big fins at the back.”
And what about putting his underpants on over his trousers?
“I think you get an allowance in your insurance if you do that, but I’m reaching the age where I put my pants on over my trousers and I don’t realise I’ve done it.”
The delightful thing about reaching a certain age is that Tony can recall driving cars that the rest of us only dream about, the kind of classic car that you no longer find under a dust sheet in the garage of some ancient relative.
His first car, for example, was an Austin 10.
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