Sunday, 31 March 2013

Billy Connolly: art and museum exhibitions

Billy Connolly's art work at the Castle Fine Art on The Promenade in Cheltenham
Comedian Billy Connolly's art work is coming to a Cheltenham gallery.
Ink drawings from the BAFTA nominated actor, comedian, musician and presenter will be hanging his work at the Castle Fine Art on The Promenade.
His collection of six prints is his second foray into the world of contemporary art and is influenced by his filming of The Hobbit.
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Billy's art work will also be on show in Cambridge and Liverpool.

Billy Connolly's trike goes on display at North-east museum
A trike used by comedy legend Billy Connolly is the star attraction at a Grampian Transport Museum as it gets set to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Source: Evening Express 

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