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Siobhan Redmond: current stage and TV appearances

Siobhan Redmond reveals the Faustian pact that saw her delay getting her MBE from the Queen in order to star on stage
Scots star prepares to head home for a Citizens production of Doctor Faustus – once she finally collects her gong from Buckingham Palace.

Siobhan is excited to be on Citizens stage
Siobhan is excited to be on Citizens stage

Actress Siobhan Redmond has told how her trip to Buck House has been postponed because she’s having a devil of a time on stage.
Starring in Doctor Faustus forced the actress to delay her royal appointment to get her MBE – awarded in the New Year’s Honours list.
It is somehow fitting. The last time ­Christopher Marlowe’s 16th century classic played at Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre, in 1965, it caused a headline-grabbing rumpus over its depiction of the Queen.
Siobhan, 53, said: “I have not actually been to the Palace yet because the scheduled date was the morning after the press night of Doctor ­Faustus in Leeds and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that. I have been pencilled in for May.
“Fortunately, they have been very helpful and accommodating. I think they realise the rogues and vagabonds who work freelance may not be able to come on the first date so they gave me a choice of subsequent dates.
“I was talking to my sister about this as we went through, yet again, what on earth we are going to wear, hats not featuring largely in her wardrobe and formal wear not ­featuring largely in mine.
“The thought that somebody other than myself might have enjoyed my work is completely delightful. I am not going to pretend to be cool about it.
"I am genuinely touched but, of course, it doesn’t make any difference as to whether or not I am ever likely to work again.”
But worrying where her next job will come from is not an immediate concern.
In the first place, there is her imminent return to her home town of Glasgow with the Citizens production of Doctor Faustus. And later this year, she will be reprising the role of Lady ­Macbeth in the National Theatre of ­Scotland’s production of ­Dunsinane, David Greig’s acclaimed sequel to ­Shakespeare’s Scottish play.
She is particularly excited about ­bringing Christopher Marlowe’s mythic tale about the dangers of making bargains with the Devil to the Citz. Partly because she is playing the role of Mephistopheles, which is highly unusual for an actress, but also because it has finally brought her into the fold at the Citizens Theatre.
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Doctors Series 14 - 213. Tea for Three
From Radio Times:
Siobhan Redmond guest-stars as a slightly scatty woman who gets stuck in the hospital lift with Jimmi. After Carrie’s young son — also called Jimmi — died during an operation, she marks the precise anniversary with a picnic at the hospital. But while she’s used rituals and signs to help her cope with the grief, she says her husband, a once calm and quiet cellist, became a live-for-today “wild child”. But her colleague Reggie (Adrian Hood) later reveals something about her that alarms Jimmi.
Meanwhile, Emma presents her version of Sam’s last moments to the police but her colleagues at the Mill — and specifically Howard — doubt her story.
About this programme
213/221. Jimmi becomes trapped in a lift with a woman who has relied on a strong belief in fate to cope with the death of her son, but which has also prevented her moving on from her grief. Meanwhile, Emma relays her version of Sam's final moments to colleagues and DI Collier, while Daniel tries to win back Zara.
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