Tuesday, 30 November 2010

David Tennant on the set of 'United'

David Tennant has been in Tynemouth, North Tyneside shooting scenes for United:

Surprised passengers and TV fans coming out of Tynemouth station were stunned to see cameras pinpointed on David, wrapped in a 1950s style camel coat, and stood beside an old-fashioned car.

IT engineer Barry Ward, from Sunderland, was among the starstruck onlookers.

The 27-year-old said: “I asked a security man and was told they were filming the return of Bobby Charlton but I could only see David and a female actor. They got off a train, came out the station and were then getting into the car and I could hear David’s broad Scottish accent.

“I know he’s from Scotland anyway but when you heard him speak he had a very exaggerated accent.

“There were quite a lot of amused faces when people came out and saw Doctor Who was in town.” [Sunday Sun]

United will air on BBC Two sometime next year in the UK and will reportedly get a theatrical release internationally.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Gerard Butler's L’Oreal commercial

Gerard's new commercial airs in the UK. Huge thanks to LisaDuncan66 for pointing out the video.

Ewan McGregor to guest on 'Ellen'; Alan Cumming to appear on 'Lopez Tonight'

In addition to his December 3 appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Ewan McGregor is also scheduled to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, December 2.

Alan Cumming is set to appear on Lopez Tonight on Wednesday, December 8 on TBS.

Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Mo 11/29: Michael Sheen, Michael Franti
Tu 11/30: D.J. Qualls, Salman Rushdie
We 12/1: Regis Philbin, Greg Proops, Nellie McKay
Th 12/2: Cedric the Entertainer, Norah Jones
Fr 12/3: Ewan McGregor, Shannon Woodward


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy birthday Dougray Scott

Today is Dougray Scott's 45th birthday.

Ewan McGregor misses screening because of monsoon

Ewan McGregor was unable to attend Monday's Cinema Society's I Love You Phillip Morris screening. The New York Post reports that he was "trapped in a monsoon in Thailand while shooting" The Impossible. His co-star Jim Carrey was able to attend the screening along with the real-life Phillip Morris.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brief 'Gnomeo and Juliet' interview with James McAvoy

World exclusive interview (via JMMB) with James McAvoy and his co-star Emily Blunt.

Dougray Scott joins David Tennant in 'United'

According to The Guardian, Dougray Scott will be joining David Tennant in BBC2's United. Dougray has been cast in the lead role as Sir Matt Busby, and shooting reportedly started yesterday.

Monday, 22 November 2010

John Barrowman promotes Dogs Trust

Below is a look at John Barrowman's photoshoot to promote Dogs Trust "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" campaign. John took some cute photos with Mouse the Black Lab and Vincent the Jack Russell Terrier.

Gerard Butler and Kevin McKidd attend CNN Heroes Tribute

Gerard Butler presented at this year's CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute this Saturday in LA. The ceremony will air this Thursday. Gerard presented a £16,000 prize to fellow Scotsman Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary's Wheels:
Butler praised the charity worker whose organisation provides school meals for hungry children in developing countries.

He said: "I'm proud because he's a fellow Scot. Every day Magnus lets children know that they matter, that someone thousands of miles away cares about them."

Mary's Meals was founded when Mr MacFarlane-Barrow and his brother Fergus made a plan to deliver aid to Bosnia while having a drink at their local pub.

Mr Butler said: "They were having a drink and talked about the heart-wrenching images of the Bosnian war they'd seen on TV. So they made an extraordinary decision that most of us don't make. They decided to help."

Mary's Meals provides a school meal a day for almost 460,000 children in 16 countries. [Karie Gillett]
Photos of Gerard's red carpet arrival:

Kevin McKidd's red carpet arrival:

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ewan McGregor rescheduled to appear on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Ewan had originally been listed as a guest on Friday, November 12, but that was canceled. Ewan is now reportedly scheduled to appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday, December 3.

You can check out this week's Late Late Show schedule below:

Mo 11/22: Ben Stein, Dr. Lisa Masterson, the Very Best
Tu 11/23: Mark Ruffalo, Kathryn Hahn, Wendy Liebman
We 11/24: Dwayne Johnson, Paula Deen
Th 11/25: Condoleezza Rice, Joe Theismann (R 10/25/10)
Fr 11/26: Juliette Lewis, Cornel West (R 11/5/10)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Gerard Butler to present at the CNN Heroes tribute

Gerard Butler is among the celebrities expected to present at the fourth annual CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute. Other celebrities include Halle Berry, Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Alba, LL Cool J, and Marisa Tomei. The tribute will tape this weekend and air on CNN on Thanksgiving Day (November 25) at 8pm EST.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

'Haywire' with Ewan McGregor gets official release date

A few months ago Haywire's release was rescheduled from January 2011 to late March or early April. According to The Playlist the film has now been scheduled to open on April 22, 2011.
Featuring an all-star cast including Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton, Michael Angarano, Matthieu Kassovitz and Antonio Banderas, the picture is a gritty spy thriller written by Lem Dobbs (”The Limey”) and starring Carano as a black ops soldier on mission of revenge after she’s double crossed by one of her team-mates...[Kevin Jagernauth]

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gerard Butler to star in 'Afterburn'?

Gerard Butler and director Antoine Fuqua are reportedly in talks with Relavity Media to develop scifi project, Afterburn. Based on a comic book, Afterburn is set "a year after a solar flare burns half the surface of a planet, and treasure hunters return to retrieve what's left of value." A script has already been written, but a according to Deadline, there will be a script rewrite.

Kevin McKidd and Ewan McGregor join campaign to save RAF base

Kevin and Ewan, (who both starred in Trainspotting) have joined an effort to help save an RAF base from being shut down:
McKidd, who is currently based in Los Angeles, said: "This would be devastating for Moray, plain and simple - not just for Lossiemouth but the entire region. In what are already difficult times economically, it seems this move would throw the Moray area into a downward spiral."

"I urge the powers-that-be to reconsider the closure of RAF Lossiemouth," added Mr McKidd, "for the sake of my home area, which depends upon its presence." [The Northern Scot]

And Kevin’s former co-star Ewan McGregor issued a rallying call for the campaign before 7,000 protesters marched through Lossiemouth. [Evening Express via Kevin McKidd Online]

Monday, 15 November 2010

David Tennant joins the cast of 'United'

David Tennant has been cast in United as Manchester United coach, Jimmy Murphy. Jack O'Connell and Sam Claflin are also part of the cast and production will reportedly start this month. Directed by James Strong, United centers on “Manchester United’s Busby Babes, the youngest team to win the English soccer league before eight players died in the Munich air crash of 1958.”

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ewan McGregor scheduled to appear on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Update: Ewan was removed from the guest listings, and it looks like his appearance was canceled. No word on whether his appearance will be rescheduled, but here's hoping he does make a late night appearance since I Love You Phillip Morris comes out in December.

Ewan's appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson will air this Friday, November 12 on CBS. This week's full schedule is below:

Mo 11/8: Tom Selleck, Myq Kaplan
Tu 11/9: Cheryl Hines, Wolfgang Puck
We 11/10: Tim Meadows, Stan Lee
Th 11/11: Juliette Lewis, Rampage Jackson
Fr 11/12: Ewan McGregor

Weekly schedule for Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Mo 11/15: Dennis Miller, Bianca Kajlich
Tu 11/16: Chris Hardwick, Matt Smith
We 11/17: Russell Crowe, Dr. Lisa Masterson
Th 11/18: Jeff Goldblum, Dennis Lehane
Fr 11/19: Amy Sedaris, Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Thursday, 11 November 2010

New still from 'The Decoy Bride'

The new photo and official synopsis come from the American Film Market:

After lovelorn Katie (Kelly MacDonald) is dumped at the altar, she returns home to her windswept Scottish island, thinking she will never walk down the aisle. Little does she know that Hollywood superstar Lara (Alice Eve) has chosen the island as the secret venue for her marriage to her gorgeous boyfriend James (Dr Who’s David Tennant).

But with the paparazzi hard on her tail, Lara needs to throw them off the scent. Katie agrees to dress in white and walk down the aisle as Lara’s ‘decoy bride.’

Wedding bells ring, love blooms, but who ends up happily ever after?

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

David Tennant in 2 Minute Silence video

David Tennant appears in a Remembrance Day tribute video to support The Royal British Legion. A short preview featuring David is below. Huge thanks to Xenia for sharing all this information.

For the 2010 Poppy Appeal, The Royal British Legion released 2 Minute Silence on November 7, 2010 along with a two minute silent video. Funds raised will go to The British Legion to help service members, ex-service members, and their families. You can help get 2 Minute Silence to number 1 on the UK charts for Remembrance Sunday (November 14) by downloading the MP3 & video here. You can also show your support and get more information by visiting the official Facebook page.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Craig Ferguson on The Talk

Craig's Monday (November 8) guest appearance on The Talk:

Craig also Tweeted yesterday that he will be shooting a new stand up special in Nashville on November 20.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Gerard Butler, Adrien Brody, and Russell Crowe at the APJ fundraiser

Gerard Butler and some other celebrities including Adrien Brody, Russell Crowe, Paul Haggis, and Philip Seymour Hoffman attended the Artists for Peace and Justice 'Let's Build a School for Haiti' fundrasing dinner in New York last Friday.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Craig Ferguson to guest on The Talk, Lopez Tonight

Craig will appear on this Monday's (November 8) episode of The Talk on CBS. He will also be a guest on Lopez Tonight on Tuesday, November 16 on TBS. You can get local television listings over at TV.com.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

First poster for Ewan McGregor's 'The Impossible'

There hasn't been much new information about The Impossible since Ewan McGregor's involvement in the film was announced last May. Production was originally scheduled to start in August, but that has probably been moved up. Yesterday, Collider (via Best of Ewan) was able to get a photo of the film's promo poster and a copy of the synopsis at the American Film Market.


A terrifying and emotional story based on one family’s experience of the 2004 tsunami, THE IMPOSSIBLE is a compelling account of perseverance and survival in the face of unimaginable disaster and chaos.

MARIA (Naomi Watts), HENRY (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand looking forward to a few days in tropical paradise. But on the morning of December 26th, as the family relaxes around the pool after their Christmas festivities the night before, a terrifying roar rises up from the center of the earth. As Maria freezes in fear, a huge wall of black water races across the hotel grounds toward her.

Henry grabs the two youngest boys, SIMON and THOMAS, but it’s too late: the wave smashes into him with incredible force and dislodges his grip. Maria is pushed underwater, where she is crushed and battered by debris to the brink of death. She finally surfaces in a raging black sea, which has completely submerged her three-story hotel and the surrounding landscape. Maria gasps for breath, while she tries to understand what has just happened, convinced that her family has been obliterated in the blink of an eye. But then, her eldest son, LUCAS (Tom Holland), surfaces a few meters ahead in the wild flood. Face-to-face with something unexpected and incomprehensible, she must fight against all odds for her child’s survival. And her own.

Based on a true story, THE IMPOSSIBLE is the unforgettable account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. But the true-life terror is tempered by the unexpected displays of compassion, courage and simple kindness that Maria and her family encounter during the darkest hours of their lives. Both epic and intimate, devastating and uplifting, THE IMPOSSIBLE is a journey to the core of the human heart.

First teaser poster for 'Arthur Christmas'

Yesterday Sony Pictures announced that James McAvoy would be the voice of Arthur in Arthur Christmas, and now a promo poster has been unveiled.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

James McAvoy cast in 'Arthur Christmas'

James McAvoy has been cast as Arthur in 3D CG-animated film Arthur Christmas along with Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton, and Billy Nighy. The film is set for release on November 23, 2011.
Set on Christmas night, the story of Arthur Christmas at last reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child's question: 'So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?' The answer: Santa's exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the heart of the film is a story with the ingredients of a Christmas classic – a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns. [ComingSoon.net]

Monday, 1 November 2010

Jamie Sives on BIFA jury; attends 'Game of Thrones' event

The British Independent Film Awards announced its nominees and jury members earlier today and Jamie Sives is among the jury members of the thirteenth annual awards. The awards ceremony takes place in London on December 5. You can go to the British Independent Film Awards website for a full list of jury members and nominees.

Jamie also attended an event last Thursday in Belfast for HBO's Game of Thrones (Jamie plays Jory Cassel in the series). Sweet on Sigma points out some photos of the event over on Flickr and WIC.net.

David Tennant's Absolute Radio sketch

A funny clip featuring David Tennant and Christian O'Connell from last Thursday's appearance on Absolute Radio:

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