Tuesday, 30 November 2010

David Tennant on the set of 'United'

David Tennant has been in Tynemouth, North Tyneside shooting scenes for United:

Surprised passengers and TV fans coming out of Tynemouth station were stunned to see cameras pinpointed on David, wrapped in a 1950s style camel coat, and stood beside an old-fashioned car.

IT engineer Barry Ward, from Sunderland, was among the starstruck onlookers.

The 27-year-old said: “I asked a security man and was told they were filming the return of Bobby Charlton but I could only see David and a female actor. They got off a train, came out the station and were then getting into the car and I could hear David’s broad Scottish accent.

“I know he’s from Scotland anyway but when you heard him speak he had a very exaggerated accent.

“There were quite a lot of amused faces when people came out and saw Doctor Who was in town.” [Sunday Sun]

United will air on BBC Two sometime next year in the UK and will reportedly get a theatrical release internationally.

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