Monday, 22 November 2010

Gerard Butler and Kevin McKidd attend CNN Heroes Tribute

Gerard Butler presented at this year's CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute this Saturday in LA. The ceremony will air this Thursday. Gerard presented a £16,000 prize to fellow Scotsman Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary's Wheels:
Butler praised the charity worker whose organisation provides school meals for hungry children in developing countries.

He said: "I'm proud because he's a fellow Scot. Every day Magnus lets children know that they matter, that someone thousands of miles away cares about them."

Mary's Meals was founded when Mr MacFarlane-Barrow and his brother Fergus made a plan to deliver aid to Bosnia while having a drink at their local pub.

Mr Butler said: "They were having a drink and talked about the heart-wrenching images of the Bosnian war they'd seen on TV. So they made an extraordinary decision that most of us don't make. They decided to help."

Mary's Meals provides a school meal a day for almost 460,000 children in 16 countries. [Karie Gillett]
Photos of Gerard's red carpet arrival:

Kevin McKidd's red carpet arrival:


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