Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Kevin McKidd and Ewan McGregor join campaign to save RAF base

Kevin and Ewan, (who both starred in Trainspotting) have joined an effort to help save an RAF base from being shut down:
McKidd, who is currently based in Los Angeles, said: "This would be devastating for Moray, plain and simple - not just for Lossiemouth but the entire region. In what are already difficult times economically, it seems this move would throw the Moray area into a downward spiral."

"I urge the powers-that-be to reconsider the closure of RAF Lossiemouth," added Mr McKidd, "for the sake of my home area, which depends upon its presence." [The Northern Scot]

And Kevin’s former co-star Ewan McGregor issued a rallying call for the campaign before 7,000 protesters marched through Lossiemouth. [Evening Express via Kevin McKidd Online]

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