Sunday, 24 March 2013

Douglas Henshall: masterclass at Mountview academy

Mountview graduate Douglas Henshall gave a masterclass to second and third year acting students on 14 March.
He talked honestly and amusingly about the realities of life after training at Mountview, including the countless letters he wrote until he got his first acting job at Citizens Theatre in Glasgow.
He went on to reveal that he missed out on a role in Trainspotting because he’d just signed a contract to work at the RSC and that even after 25 years it’s still frustrating to get turned down for a role.
Questions from students revealed his favourite and worst acting experience and advice on whether to use a native accent for a part (unless the script demonstrates the character is from a particular region, he suggests you stay true to your natural accent).
Source: Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

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