Monday, 4 March 2013

Sean Hayman (son of David Hayman) in 'River City'

My boy is in River City... my dream is to star in a movie with all three sons

Telly hardman David Hayman is planning his dream screen role — acting alongside his three sons. The actor-turned-director revealed how the plan was hatched during a special birthday weekend with his lads in Spain.
The Trial and Retribution star said: “My boys took me to Barcelona at the weekend — where we visited the Nou Camp and watched a match against Sevilla.
“And while we were out for dinner we started bouncing ideas around about what we could do together.
“So we’re planning on doing a short film together which will be directed by my eldest son David and will star all of us.
“Hopefully we can do something at the end of this year or the start of next.
“I’m dying to direct my boys — and I’m also dying to be directed by my boy.”
But first up is youngest son Sean’s screen debut in BBC Scotland soap River City later this month.
Sean stars in two episodes — the first is on March 19 — and is playing a character called Petey, who gets into bother with the police and it escalates — with a sinister conclusion. Sean, 18, is currently studying Film and Media at Stirling University.
River City
That's my boy .. David says he's proud of Sean's role in River City

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  1. Sean, I hope you're looking after that tortoise!!

  2. Sorry, been looking for somewhere to post about David Hayman whose Clydebuilt documentary I'm watching. I'm quite interested in the history of the Clyde but I'm finding it quite difficult to watch such a poorly written, prejudiced show. It isn't history because it's not objective enough to be, though local audiences may find it acceptable.

    As an overseas viewer, I find it has extravagant shortcomings. It's all about 'How we once ran the world'' while entirely omitting 'How we lost control of the world'. I feel entirely alienated from the commentary because it sounds xenophobic, jingoistic, UKIP propaganda, instead of history.

    I feel very disappointed in Clydebuilt.

  3. PS. David Hayman seems like a nice man but this show seems so insular, it ought to be renamed 'I'm great because my ancestors did lots of difficult shit'.


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