Sunday, 31 March 2013

Stephen McCole joins the 'Black Watch' cast

Stephen McCole joins the Black Watch cast
n Stephen McCole as Lord Elgin, one of three roles he plays in Black Watch n Stephen, right, with Douglas Henshall in one an early role in Peter Mullan's Orphans (1998)
Stephen McCole as Lord Elgin, one of three roles he plays in Black Watch 
Debates over the Iraq war have raged now for 10 years, and don't looking like stopping any time soon.
The award-winning Black Watch, returning to Glasgow's SECC, moves beyond the politics, to look at the true story of the Scottish boys on the frontline and the history of their now disbanded regiment.
The latest production of the award-winning drama opens next Thursday, and Glasgow actor Stephen McCole, who plays three parts, including First Minister Alex Salmond, said the cast were looking forward to bringing the show home to Scotland.
He said: "It is definitely more nervous performing at home.
"A lot of the boys have done it in the SECC before and they are like, 'it is crazy, the Scottish audiences really get behind it, they are there with you every second of the way'. It also means the boys get to do it in a really strong Scottish accent.
"I don't get to do a strong Scottish accent at any point, unless you count Alex Salmond, which is not really that strong.
"I'm looking forward to doing it at home, it is nerve-racking but it should be great, it should be fun."
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