Sunday, 31 March 2013

Jonathan Watson: interview

Star Jonathan Watson says Hollywood can wait despite his links to Tinseltown

Jonathan Watson stars in 'Quiz Show'
Jonathan Watson stars in 'Quiz Show'

Jonathan Watson is one half of Scotland’s hottest comedy duo double act after the success of Bob Servant Independent.
This year the Only An Excuse? funnyman teamed up with movie star Brian Cox for the BBC Four political romp based in Dundee.
But, despite Jonathan being famous for lampooning Scots stars such as Frank McAvennie and Chick Young, he won’t use the X2 and Troy star to make it in Hollywood.
Jonathan said: “We have become friends, but I don’t at this moment in time fancy a shot at Hollywood and, if I did, I wouldn’t ask him because I’m not that kind of friend.”
Brian played a disillusioned cheeseburger tycoon who entered a by-election. Jonathan played his put-upon campaign manager, Frank, who also happened to be his former director of sauces on the cheeseburger vans.
Despite being one of Scotland’s best homegrown comedy shows in years, there is still no decision on a second series – although Jonathan is hopeful.
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