Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dougray Scott: new role in 'Strike Back'

‘Strike Back’: Martin Clunes, Dougray Scott and Robson Green join Series 4
From Cultbox:
Sky has today announced that Martin Clunes, Dougray Scott and Robson Green will appear in the fourth series of Strike Back.
Currently filming on location in South Africa and Hungary, the new ten-part series will air on Sky1 this summer.
Green (Soldier Soldier) will play Lt Colonel Philip Locke, a commanding officer in chief will join the Section 20 team, while Clunes (Doc Martin) will play Sebastian Gray, a former MI6 agent turned independent intelligence officer working in Beirut. Scott (Mission Impossible II) will play James Leatherby, a wealthy rogue operative and self-styled war junkie.
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Also reported by TV Equals, TV Wise, and others.

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