Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rebus to make a come-back

Rebus clocked up 25 years as a best-seller this week — making it one of the world's most successful long-running detective series.

The first book in the grisly murder collection, Knots And Crosses, was originally published in March 1987 and has gone on to sell millions of copies across the globe. The hard-drinking tec has made author Ian Rankin a literary star as the 17 Rebus novels catapulted him from a penniless writer to a multi-millionaire in just over a decade. The books have been such a hit they were turned into a blockbuster TV series, starring first John Hannah and then Ken Stott.

STV last year confirmed the hit show, which pulled in eight million viewers, WILL make a comeback despite it being nearly five years since it was last on air. But a replacement for rugged Stott will need to be found as the actor is contracted for two years of filming The Hobbit in New Zealand.

Scottish actors such as Peter Mullan, Brian Cox and Bill Paterson have all been touted to play the chain-smoking cop.

Last night an TV source said: "Rebus will be back on our screens at some point, it's a hugely successful brand and did incredibly well in the ratings. After Taggart and The Bill were both axed, there's now a huge gap in the market."

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