Monday, 12 March 2012

Dougray Scott: A Thousand Kisses Deep cinema release date

Dougray Scott is to play jazz trumpeter in new film featuring music written for his character by Guy Barker. A new film called A Thousand Kisses Deep, starring Jodie Whittaker, Emilia Fox, David Warner, and Dougray Scott, is to be released in cinemas in June, Goldcrest Films have confirmed.

The film, a psychological thriller filmed in London, features Scott, who plays the part of Arthur Miller in My Week With Marilyn, here cast as jazz trumpeter Ludwig Giroux, a former lover of main protagonist Mia played by Jodie Whittaker, who returns home from work one day to find herself witnessing an aged woman leap from a window.

Immersing himself in deep research for the role, Scott took trumpet lessons while developing a wide knowledge of the jazz world the character would have found himself in. Director Dana Lusting says the film: “is a journey into your past. Our hero Mia goes back to her past, to reveal a dark secret so she can fix it and come out on the other end a better person, a more complete person.”

Scott, who narrated Jazz Voice at the London Jazz Festival in 2010, for the film collaborated with Jazz Voice’s musical director trumpeter Guy Barker in preparing for the role and says of Barker: “Guy has an extraordinary, unique sound. There are all different kinds of sounds you get from a trumpet, but Guy is pretty unique – he plays in the movie as well, as himself. He’s written a couple of pieces but Mike Moran the (source) composer has written a beautiful ballady sort of melody for the film and Guy has written a bluesy tune.” Barker says in publicity material for the film that he initially became involved with A Thousand Kisses Deep to play the trumpet and create the music that Dougray Scott will be miming to as Ludwig. “It’s been great watching Dougray take that challenge on and immerse himself in trumpet players and watching them. I know when we recorded the music I was in the recording booth and he stayed in there with me and I could feel his presence there watching my every move.”

Source: Jazzwise Magazine

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