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John Barrowman: Arrow updates, and Hearing Dog Awards

First images of John's character - ScreenRant

Preview reel - TV Line
More info at John's official site
'Arrow' season 1 episode 5 Spoilers and Photos: John Barrowman and Deathstroke in 'Damaged' - Gather
  Arrow airs as follows:
  • US: The CW - Wednesdays at 8.00pm/7c (from 10 October 2012)
  • Canada: CTV Two - Wednesdays at 8.00pm ET (from 10 October 2012)
  • UK: Sky1 - Mondays at 8.00pm (from 22 October 2012)
  • Spain: Canal 13 - Wednesdays (from 14 November 2012)

John Barrowman set to host Specsavers Hearing Dog Awards 2012

John BarrowmanJohn – star of Torchwood, Desperate Housewives and Tonight’s the Night – will anchor the event and was one of a number of high-profile guests attending the awards in Central London on Thursday (18 October).
The entertainer is a huge fan of dogs and has had a number of four-legged friends over the years. 

John tells us: "As a lifelong dog lover, I know the amazing relationships that people have with their dogs. But since being introduced to the work of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, I have seen just how much of a lifeline these dogs give to their deaf recipients removing some of the isolation and loneliness that hearing loss can bring.
"With this in mind, I am delighted to host the Specsavers Hearing Dog Awards 2012 and really look forward to seeing just how these incredible dogs have completely changed the lives of so many."
Read more at: Hearing Dogs

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