Sunday, 14 October 2012

Elaine C Smith: 'Desperately Seeking SuBo' documentary

Desperately Seeking SuBo documentary to air on STV

STV viewers are in for a treat when one hour documentary Desperately Seeking SuBo hits our television screens.

The programme follows the journey of Elaine C. Smith as she co-writes and rehearses the stage show I Dreamed A Dream, about Susan Boyle’s life so far.

From fascinating stories about the moment Elaine and Susan met, to the Britain’s Got Talent star’s reaction to the first time she saw the show; Desperately Seeking SuBo is a treat for both Susan Boyle and Elaine fans alike.

Watch as Elaine goes in search of a hit and her star. Will she find either of them?

This exclusive behind the scenes look at the new musical about the extraordinary life of Scottish singer Susan Boyle will air on Tuesday October 9 at 8pm.

After the show, there will be more about the musical, Susan and Elaine at For those of you outwith the UK who won’t be able to watch the show go out, log on to from 9pm (GMT) on Tuesday October 9 to watch exclusive clips from Desperately Seeking SuBo.

Source (including video): STV

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