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Ewan McGregor: new movie project, and more 'Porno' speculation

Exclusive : Ewan McGregor, Evan Rachel Wood in Marina Nemat Biopic
From Movie Hole:
Ewan McGregor and Evan Rachel Wood are in talks for “The Prince of Tehran”, a Kari Skogland-directed piece that’ll be a fat focus at AFM in a week’s time.
We’re told the script, which sounds like an engrossing cross between “Midnight Express” and “Bangkok Hilton”, is based on a harrowing, super-emotional true story set after the 1980 Iranian revolution where a 16-year-old Christian schoolgirl named Marina Nemat was, in 1982 after being arrested for leading a protest against the requirement to study the Koran , sentenced to death at the infamous Evin prison.
Salvation came for the girl in the form of Ali, a young guard that falls in love with the girl, ultimately proposing they get married – which would involve her adopting Islam – to save her life. The tale has a rather tragic end, but Marina’s story has emerged a heroine with an important, much-heard voice.
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McGregor denies ruling out return as Renton
Ewan McGregor has denied turning down the chance to
reprise his role as Renton in Porno, the new film based on an Irvine Welsh book.
The Scottish actor’s starring role in Trainspotting is one of his most iconic parts.
It had been widely reported that McGregor turned down the chance to star in a movie version of Porno – which is set nine years after Trainspotting.
However, writing on Twitter, the actor insisted he had not been approached.
After a fan asked why he had turned down the role, the 41-year-old said: “I’ve never been offered Porno. Never seen a script.
“Never had a call from anyone to make that film.”
His comments prompted fans to tweet novelist Welsh, urging him to get McGregor on board.
One follower, Shane Campbell, wrote: “It would be a blockbuster! Make it happen!”
Danny Boyle, who directed Trainspotting and has been lined up for Porno, said: “I’d love to do another movie with him.”
Other actors from the original film, including Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller, have publicly stated they would like to take part in the project.
Carlyle, who played Begbie in the film, said he would “jump through hoops of fire backwards” for the filmmaker and would “do Porno tomorrow for nothing”.
Source: Scotsman 

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