Sunday, 28 October 2012

Meet Scotland's Top 50 Young Film and TV Stars

From Herald Scotland:
They are the rising generation of the film and TV world.

Scotland can boast more than a few acting legends in the global film and TV industry, notably Sir Sean Connery, the late Deborah Kerr, Ewan McGregor and Alan Cumming.

But now there are new kids on the block: some already familiar faces to many viewers, others who have reached the first rung of the showbiz ladder and are determined to climb.

Everyone has heard about Karen Gillan, of Doctor Who fame, Martin Compston, who's much in demand among directors next year, and Katie Leung from the Harry Potter films.

But did you know there are currently two Scots in TV institution Neighbours - Jordan Patrick Smith and Kaiya Jones; two more in the cult US TV series, Game of Thrones - Emun Elliott and Rose Leslie; and another in the latest teen cult, Beaver Falls - Sam Robertson?

We've rounded up the top 50 names and listed them alphabetically.

See the full list at Herald Scotland - they're inviting comments and suggestions there, too.

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