Sunday, 28 October 2012

Karen Gillan: 'Oculus' wraps in Alabama

‘Oculus’, starring Katee Sackhoff & Karen Gillan, filming underway in Alabama
Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff are currently in Alabama for Oculus, a horror film about a woman who believes her family was killed by an antique mirror and not her brother who was charged with the crime.
The movie, which has only been filming in Baldwin and Mobile Counties for about three weeks, already celebrated their wrap party and will complete lensing on Saturday, according to Alabama Film.'

Karen recently took an impromptu road trip from Alabama to New Orleans with one of her other co-stars, Brenton Thwaites. She shared some of the adventure with her Twitter followers, writing, “Crazy night in new Orleans. Got back to the ritz by donkey. I love that sentence.”

Source: On Location Vacations

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