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Tony Curran: Labyrinth update, Young James Herriot DVD release, In The Dark Half review

  • Labyrinth
Kate Mosse's worldwide bestseller "Labyrinth" is adapted into a miniseries of the same title by writer Adrian Hodges and it has been previewed in a trailer. The story begins as modern-day archeologist Alice Tanner (Vanessa Kirby) finds skeletal remains and a labyrinth-engraved ring in a cave, AceShowbiz said.

She then sees events from 13th century Carcassonne, during which 17-year-old Alais Pelletier (Jessica Brown Findlay) is given a task to protect three hidden books - The Book of Words, The Book of Potions and The Book of Numbers. Together, these tomes hold the secret of the true Grail, which dates back to the Ancient Egyptian era many years before Christ.

As Alais and those closest to her must battle to protect the secret from others, including her cruelly manipulative sister Oriane, Alice faces a race against time to put together the curiously familiar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle representing her long-buried history.

Supporting the epic thriller are the likes of John Hurt, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Katie McGrath, John Lynch and Tony Curran. Ridley Scott and his late brother Tony Scott are among the executive producers of the show, which is directed by Christopher Smith.
There is still no word on which U.S. network that will air the miniseries.


  • Young James Herriot
Young James Herriot is based on a young British man that had dreamed of becoming a veterinarian all his life, so naturally he was overwhelmed when he was accepted by a prestigious veterinary college.

The three main professors in the school that the group find themselves facing are Principal/Professor Henry Legge (Ralph Riach), Professor Donald Ritchie (Tony Curran) and Professor Quintin Gunnell (Gary Lewis)....

Young James Herriot is a single DVD that has three episodes and it runs for approximately 176 minutes. It comes with a bonus of an additional 21 minutes covering the Making of Young James Herriot, photo gallery and the biography of James Herriot. 

The DVD went on sale on September 4th.

Source: Blogger News

  • In The Dark Half - movie review
"This is a rather over-serious film that never relieves the pressure with real-life comedy or off-handed interaction. Everything is played for full emotional impact, which leaves the actors stuck in one-note performances.
 Still, each one is terrific as a wounded, needy person who simply can't reach out to someone nearby. Barden captures Marie's overpowering need to understand life and death long before we begin to understand why. And Curran is terrific as the town pariah whose sad, quiet existence unravels so tragically."
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