Sunday, 9 September 2012

John Barrowman: Attack of the Show clips, book signing dates, DragonCon appearance

  • Attack of the Show 
John Barrowman on Apple, Scientology, Teen Wolf 
John Barrowman gives his take on today's current events, like the latest Apple iPhone 5 rumors, allegations about Scientology and Tom Cruise, as well as the Internet's favorite Teen Wolf couple. 
Source: G4TV 

John Barrowman on Teen Wolf, Shipping & AfterElton 
John Barrowman talks about the latest controversy over an Entertainment Weekly poll on shipping, fandom and same sex couples. Now is responding with their own poll and John tells us why you should vote for Doctor Who/Captain Jack!
Source: G4TV

  • Torchwood: Exodus Code 
John Barrowman will be attending a number of book signing events during the next few weeks. Check out the dates and venues at John's official site here

  • Doctor Whooligan on the road: Dragon*con 2012 Day One & Two – Barrowman and McCoy  
 Day one of Dragoncon was all about John Barrowman. The actor treated the exuberant audience to showing off his bum during his opening panel. Barrowman answered questions and laughed it up with his fans during his one hour panel with Kai Owen. Owen appeared on stage with Barrowman and it was obvious the two actors have great chemistry together. Owen treated the crowed to an excerpt of The Tempest in Welsh along with several great stories about filming Torchwood

The Doctor Who 2013 panel offered a chance for fans to discuss and postulate on what could be in store for Whovians in 2013. A discussion of what plans could be in motion for the 50th anniversary dominated the panel along with ideas for who should return for this special event. 

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