Sunday, 9 September 2012

Brian Cox: 'Bob Servant' update, and 'Citizen Gangster' review

  • Bob Servant is coming back to Broughty Ferry
Broughty Ferry will welcome the return of Bob Servant later this month.

Three episodes of a sitcom based on the cult character were filmed in Broughty Ferry in March, with Dundee-born actor Brian Cox in the lead role.

Now BBC4 has decided to commission three further episodes of Bob Servant Independent, which sees the titular character running for parliament.

As well as Dundee University rector Cox, the series features actors including Jonathan Watson and Greg McHugh.

The latest batch of episodes will also feature Taggart actor Alex Norton. They will be filmed later this month and broadcast in early 2013.

Creator Neil Forsyth told The Courier: ''I had always written it with a view to it kind of being the classic British six-episode series, but with the way comedy is commissioned it has been a bit more staggered. I'm just delighted that we'll be able to tell the story over the full six episodes.''

Mark Freeland, controller of comedy for the BBC, said: ''I am delighted that we will see Bob Servant make more spectacular strides towards the seat of power in Broughty Ferry. With Bob's unstoppable energy and his running mate Frank at his side, nothing can possibly go wrong.''

Brian Cox first played Bob Servant in radio series The Bob Servant Emails.

Source: The Courier (Tayside & Fife) 

  • Review: Citizen Gangster
Citizen Gangster’s story resonates with any person who’s down on their luck in an era when times are tough and jobs are nowhere to be found, but in its attempts to reinvent the criminal as celebrity concept the film falters as the writing breaks down. It tries to be similarly insightful about veterans as the odd men out of peace time, feeling estranged from the real world and driven to lives that give them the adrenaline rush their wartime tour hooked them on. 

In trying to tie these elements together in a criminal drama, the script jumps back and forth without ever really finding a singular approach to who its characters are. Luckily, Citizen Gangster has a capable cast of Scott Speedman, Kevin Durand, Brian Cox, William Mapother, and Kelly Reilly to keep it moving.
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