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John Barrowman: Fan Expo panel, and project updates

John Barrowman Q&A at Fan Expo 2012
Torchwood star John Barrowman took part in a Q&A session at Canada's FanExpo 2012 in Toronto at the weekend.

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People Roundup: John Barrowman
John Barrowman has popped up in the news a bit, recently, covering both his career and personal ambitions.

Talking about other shows he'd like to do in America, the actor said: "I would love to be on one of those wonderfully edgy cable TV series like True Blood or The Walking Dead.". And "I’d like to do a North American version of this British TV series of mine (Tonight's The Night), where people’s performance dreams come true." [Toronto Star, 10 Aug 2012]

Speaking of which, the actor will join the cast of a new comic book-based action drama series Arrow, which kicks off in the Autumn. His character is under wraps at present, described only as a "well-dressed man who is as mysterious as he is wealthy". [Entertainment Weekly, 15 Aug 2012]

One show he might well consider would be the revival of hit American soap Dallas: "My motto is that I only ever do programmes that interest me rather than doing them for money. It always comes across better if your heart and soul are in it. Since I was a kid, Dallas was part of my growing up and I even wrote about it in my first autobiography. On a Friday night, as a family, everything would stop at 9pm and we would sit and watch Dallas." The actor will be presenting a behind-the-scenes show, John Barrowman's Dallas on Wednesday evenings on Channel 5. [Express, 26 Aug 2012]

Another appearance next week for the actor, this time as a guest on G4's Attack of the Show!, whose host Candace Bailey he worked alongside during G4's Comic-Con earlier this year. [BroadwayWorld, 20 Aug 2012]
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John Barrowman to be replaced by younger Captain Jack in Doctor Who anniversary episode?
Looks like naughty Captain Jack could be Doctor Who’s new version of River Song. Whispers from a well placed source tell us that 2013 will see the appearance of a young Jack Harkness. Writers are setting up the possibility of the characters involvement in the 50th anniversary without it becoming burdened by difficult current Torchwood continuity brought on by it’s last series and the question of John Barrowman actually being available now he is working in the USA more and more.

It would also make sense where the Doctor/Jack timeline is concerned. With Jack’s memory loss in later life he wouldn’t remember the Doctor the ‘first’ time they met (when he was the Ninth Doctor,) and he wouldn’t remember the ‘real’ first time they met because it would not happen until he was the Eleventh. It would make for a reverse River story with the Doctor now in River’s situation. Confusing, yes, but Moffat loves to cause confusion.
Just one problem: who would be capable to pull of a new version of a part made so legendary by John Barrowman?
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