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Henry Ian Cusick: new projects

Another Lost star coming to Hawaii Five-O? Daniel Dae Kim tells all!

Hawaii Five-O returns to CBS tonight after a doozy (yes, we said doozy!) of a cliffhanger last May: McGarrett's mom (Christine Lahti) is alive, and Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) had to choose which one of the ladies in his life to rescue from impending death. Dun. Dun. Dun.

But what this H50and Lost fan really wants to know? Is there another Lostie heading to Hawaii Five-O? And hey, is there any hope that our dream casting for Josh Holloway could come true?

Daniel Dae Kim, one of our favorite people who breathes air (seriously!), took time during a break from shooting in Hawaii to get to the nitty-gritty. Here are five things you Hawaii Five-O fans and former Lost fans need to know:

1. Henry Ian Cusick could be heading to Hawaii Five-O! 
Spoiler Alert to Scandal fans: In case you hadn't heard, Henry Ian Cusick (Lost's Desmond) is done shooting Scandal, and Daniel reveals: "Ian and I saw each other the other day. He is back in Hawaii, and we were talking about the possibility of maybe making a phone call to see if he would be interested in joining us for an episode or more. And you know, he seemed pretty open to it, and I would love to see him on the show!" 
Other Losties DDK would love to see on H50? "Harold Perrineau, but he's pretty busy with Sons of Anarchy. And I'd love to see Josh Holloway. Who wouldn't love to see Josh Holloway on any show!?" Speaking of...

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The Mentalist adds Ian Henry Cusick
Henry Ian Cusick is joining The Mentalist's fifth season, Deadline reports.

The actor will appear in a three-episode arc as Tommy Volker, a millionaire suspected of murdering a television reporter. As we previously reported, Volker is described as an adventurous playboy who buys spacecraft and travels to exotic locales to distract people from learning the real source of his income.

DVD Sneak Peek: The brotherhood of The Mentalist team

Cusick has yet to find his "constant" since Lost ended in 2010, jumping from series to series ever since. Last year he appeared as a series regular on Scandal's first season. Cusick has also made guest appearances on Law & Order: SVU and Fringe
Source: Yahoo.

Also reported by TV Equals

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