Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tommy Flanagan - the most well-known extra in Hollywood

The man known as Tommy Flanagan is mainly a supporting actor, but more often than not, has barely uttered a word in the movies he appeared in. He has had an incredible career but many people just don’t know it. He has popped up in great movies since the early 90’s and has been in scenes with Mel Gibson, Val Kilmer, John Travolta, fellow Scots Robert Carlyle and Gerard Butler, Ice Cube, Colin Firth, Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas and Clive Owen.

This may seem redundant seeing as he now has a major role in Sons of Anarchy as Chibs Telford, but Tommy has a history of popping up in great, big production movies.

Tommy was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. After a DJ gig one night and with a stroll home, Tommy was attacked and his face was cut at either side of his mouth then he was left alone to bleed. This was an uncalled for crime but Tommy never let it get the better of him.
He started his career in small bit parts, or even as one the most distinctive extras due to his noticeable scarring. He wasn’t taken seriously because of this and his skills were set aside in favour of playing the hired goon so to speak. Tommy landed the special role of Morrison in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, starring alongside the man himself. Tommy had a couple of lines, but nothing much.

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