Monday, 27 August 2012

Tom Urie: interview

River City star Tom Urie opens his heart about conquering weight demons

Big Bob says he has beaten booze and cigarette addiction and is now determined to lose weight.

River City star Tom Urie has decided it’s time to address the elephant in the room. And the Oyster Cafe. And The Tall Ship. And the ticket booth at the Shieldinch subway stop.

That elephant, by his own admission, is him.

Tom has conquered alcoholism and his addiction to nicotine but now faces an even bigger challenge – losing weight.

The 43-year-old actor and musician has become one of Shieldinch’s most popular residents since he joined the BBC Scotland soap two years ago as Big Bob O’Hara.

He’s stopped by fans in the street to talk about storylines such as Bob’s marriage, his relationship with his battle-axe mother and the pain of being the dad of a still-born child.

The most obvious talking point, though, is never addressed.

But Tom believes all that’s about to change now the River City writers are putting Big Bob’s life in jeopardy with a cardiac arrest.

By doing so, they might just be saving Tom’s.

Paisley-born Tom has opened his heart to the Daily Record in his most candid interview ever, revealing his alcoholism for the first time.

He hasn’t touched a drop in over a decade and admits he “was mental with it”.

He said: “One day I had one of those hangovers where I said, ‘Never again’. And I didn’t, ever again.

“Beer was my drink, but I don’t miss it. I do miss a cigarette, though. If there was a nuclear bomb on the way, I’d have a cigarette.

“The smoking was a battle, the drinking was a battle.

“Those things got out of control and now this issue (his weight) has as well. So I’m treating this the same way.”

Tom admits he has always been overweight.

He said: “People have been on at me about my weight since I was a wee boy. My brother was a football referee and is still a very keen golfer. My sister is a football coach and was a PE teacher.

“But I wouldn’t go out and play sports. I’d prefer to sit in and watch Grease.”

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