Monday, 23 July 2012

Tony Curran updates: 'Defiance' and 'In The Dark Half'

  • Defiance
Tony Curran and Jamie Murray chat with Access about their new SyFy show, Defiance. What's it like playing an alien couple on the show? Plus, why was Jaime nervous when she auditioned for the show? And, how difficult has it been learning to speak an alien language.
Watch the interview here

TV Blend have an in-depth report following the Defiance press conference, here
Gamespot UK have a video interview with the cast here

More photos from the Defiance panel at SDCC:
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The official site is here


  • In the Dark Half (2012) Trailer

Source: YouTube

Midlands What’s On review:
"A thriller set in the rural outskirts of Bristol, In The Dark Half lays on the atmosphere as thick as it can. The sound editing takes up most of the slack in this tale of grief and single parenthood, but the performances are not up to snuff. Having delivered two excellent turns in Tamara Drewe and Hanna, Jessica Barden has shown what a good actress she can be. But as a lonely fifteen-year-old haunted by the boy next door, she is unable to make us believe. In fact, everything about the film is unconvincing, right up to its inexplicable climax."
Source: What's On

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