Tuesday, 31 July 2012

David Tennant: project updates, news, reviews

  • Broadchurch
Although filming on David Tennant's new ITV serial Broadchurch is not expected to start until mid August, it was reported that he was already doing some preparation work on Thursday. Read more at David Tennant on Twitter (blog)

  • Doctor Who documentaries
BBC America will broadcast four new Doctor Who documentaries this summer. The press release is accompanied by photos of the episodes which include two of David Tennant.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter (blog)

  • 2012 Television Critics Association Tour
David Tennant MAY appear at the 2012 Television Critics Association Tour in Beverley Hills this week (not confirmed). 
Read more at David Tennant on Twitter (blog)  

  • Twenty Twelve
The BBC have uploaded three video clips for the final ever episode of the David Tennant narrated Twenty Twelve.
The episode is called Loose Ends and premièred on BBC Two at 10pm on Tuesday (24th) which was just 3 days before the actual opening ceremony of London 2012.
David Tennant's voice can be heard in all three of these clips (which may only play within the UK).
Source: DToT (blog) 

  • Doctor Who retrospective
Doctor Who TV looks back on the Tennant era of Doctor Who here 

  • Shakespeare Uncovered: review
The Hamlet Weblog has a review of Shakespeare Uncovered here 

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