Monday, 23 July 2012

John Hannah updates: 'A Touch of Cloth' and 'The Other Wife'

  • A Touch of Cloth
Hoody chase clip has audiences excited about Charlie Brooker’s spoof crime drama A Touch of Cloth
Charlie Brooker has co-written A Touch of Cloth, a spoof police procedural, which goes out on Sky this August.
British journalist, screenwriter and broadcaster Charlie Brooker has teamed with actors John Hannah and Suranne Jones for a special one-off 120 minute-long comedy A Touch Of Cloth, which aims to spoof the very best (and worst) of British crime dramas made in the last decade. The promotional blurb from Sky promises “an all-encompassing parody … of every police procedural ever written.” The show will air on Sky 1 HD in August 2012.

    “After you’ve seen A Touch of Cloth you’ll never be able to watch another detective show again. Not because it’s a devastating pisstake, but because you’ll have smashed your TV to pieces in a disappointed fury,” commented Brooker, who is known for his unique brand of satirical pessimism.

The hoody chase scene teaser clip, which had been released to build buzz for the show, has spread like wildfire on the internet.

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  • The Other Wife

The Swindon Advertiser reports on a young local boy’s experience of filming The Other Wife with John Hannah 
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