Monday, 23 July 2012

John Barrowman: project updates, public appearances

  • 'Hollow Earth' to be adapted for TV
The Foundation, Zodiak Kids UK production company, has optioned the TV rights from Capel & Land Ltd. for the children’s fantasy adventure book Hollow Earth written by John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood) and his sister Carole Barrowman. The Foundation will work with Barrowman Barker Productions to develop a children’s drama series for the first in the trilogy of this adventure story. Barrowman Barker Productions was formed by John Barrowman and Gavin Barker.

Hollow Earth tells the story of 12-year-old twins, Matt and Emily Calder, who are able to bring art to life, or enter paintings at will. Their abilities are sought by villains trying to access the terrors of Hollow Earth—a place where all the demons, devils and creatures lie trapped for eternity. The twins flee with their mother to the security of an island, off the west coast of Scotland, where their grandfather has certain protective powers of his own.

    “We are very excited about a co-production partnership with Barrowman Barker Productions,” said Vanessa Hill, Foundation’s joint managing director. “Hollow Earth promises to be an action packed children’s drama series.”

    John and Carole Barrowman added, “We are so thrilled to have our TV rights in such good hands. We can’t wait to see all of Matt and Em’s wild adventures and all their art come to life for viewers.”

In the U.K., Hollow Earth was published in February by Buster Books (an imprint of Michael O’Mara Books) and has sold over 28,000 copies to date. Capel & Land have recently secured a deal with US publisher Aladdin (an imprint at Simon & Schuster) to publish the books in the U.S. this fall.
Source: Animation Magazine 
Also reported by Licensing Biz / WorldScreen / C21Media  and others

  • San Diego Comic Con interviews
Catch up with John Barrowman's SDCCinterviews via this link tweeted by JB News 

  • The Nerdist Comic Con Special
John Barrowman News (‏@Team_Barrowman) tweeted the following on 15 July:
John Barrowman will guest on The Nerdist Comic Con Special on @BBCAmerica, filming later tonight. Broadcast details not yet confirmed.
@Team_Barrowman The Nerdist: Comic-Con Special premières Saturday, July 28, 9:00pm ET on @BBCAMERICA. This is going to be brilliant!
Source: Twitter

  • Fan Expo Canada
Fan Expo Canada will be welcoming John Barrowman to their event in Toronto this August! For more info, go to John Barrowman News
Source: Twitter

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