Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner want to try their hand at comedy

Trainspotting stars Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner have revealed they’d love to try their hand at comedy.

The pair shot to fame together as junkies in the gritty druggie film. But now the duo are desperate to play it for laughs.

Edinburgh-born Bremner said: “Ewan and I have worked together four times, but he says he’s had enough of doing the serious stuff.

“He has a really great sense of humour and comedy timing which you don’t really get to see on film.

“We’d love to do a comedy as usually when we’re appearing together it ends up with me playing a daft character while he’s the straight guy that’s not even allowed to smile.

“He’s desperate for us to do something stupid together.”

The pair first met when McGregor played junkie Renton opposite Bremner’s loveable wimp Spud in the 1996 cult hit.

They went on to appear in the 2001 warzone film Black Hawk Down before teaming up again for Perfect Sense last year.

And they will also appear together in the fairytale fantasy Jack The Giant Killer next year. But Bremner reveals he is also desperate to wave goodbye to his ‘goofy’ screen image.

And he’ll show off his “bad ass” side playing a sinister spin doctor in big budget BBC political drama Blackout with Christopher Eccleston. Ewen, 40, said: “This is the first ruthless part I’ve ever had. I’m too old to play the goofy kid any more — it’s good being a bad ass for a change.”

Ewen plays menacing council official Jerry Durrans who persuades Eccleston’s drunk Daniel Demoys to stand for mayor.

But his boozing leaves his marriage on the rocks and worse is to come when after one huge bender Eccleston thinks that he may have killed someone.

Ewen said: “I’m a mover and shaker who operates in the shadows.

“It was great getting to show my ruthless streak.”

Ewen has a string of all-star movies in the pipeline, including the “craziest” film of his career — the futuristic Snowpiercer.

He added: “It will show me in a very different light from usual. But I guess turning 40 means even Spud needs to grow up.”

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