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John Barrowman: workaholic, and Top Celebrity Dog Owner

'Workaholic' John Barrowman's hopes and dreams

If John Barrowman is talking about a charity, in some way he's talking about himself. Amongst a seemingly endless list of good causes, the dog-lover is a vocal supporter of The Dogs Trust, Tŷ Hafan - a children's hospice near his south Wales home, and a number of cancer charities (both his parents are cancer survivors). As ambassador for The National Lottery Awards, it's the concept of making dreams come true which endears him. Before heading off for a Children In Need event (we kid you not) the self-confessed workaholic talks to about good fortune and the power of dreams...

You work with a lot of charities. Do you think charity work helps keep people - particularly celebrities - humble?

John Barrowman: I can only answer for myself… I think I’m pretty humble anyway and I think I’m pretty down to earth, I’ll sit down and have a cup of tea or a pint with anybody really and talk to them. But I like to give to charities because people out there have made my dreams come true and changed my life by supporting the career that I have. So, for me to give back to people who might be a little less fortunate or need some help, that’s a way to turn it around, to give back to the people that helped me.

Do you think that, in times of austerity, people are less charitable?

John Barrowman: You don’t have to give money to help a charity, you can donate clothing vehicles, bicycles, your time, there are many many ways, it doesn’t mean a financial commitment. So whether or not there’s a recession, I still think people’s involvement in charities should remain committed and good.

How do you prioritise which charities you get involved with?

John Barrowman: I choose charities that have a personal connection to me and I think that’s how a lot of us decide on charities, and that’s what I'd say to those who are voting for the National Lottery Awards: pick one that really strikes a chord in your heart.

How did you become involved in this year's National Lottery Awards?

John Barrowman: The shows I do for BBC, where I make people's dreams come true and give them opportunities that they never had before, are kind of like what the Lottery does - it allows people to live their dreams if they win but, also, what a lot of people don’t know is that £30 million a week goes towards helping projects and different organisations around the country - thousands, in fact - to make their dreams come true.

The lottery is a game of luck, do you believe in fate?

John Barrowman: I believe in fate and I also believe in destiny. But I think that you can create your own fate. Part of life is about dreaming and hoping, because you can - and I tell you this because I’m someone who has - make your dreams come true.

Haven't you realised most of your dreams?

John Barrowman: Oh my God, I’m 45-years-old and I have so many more coming! But I don’t like to talk about what they are because I think that jinxes them.

Do you have lucky charms?

John Barrowman: No, I have lucky numbers. My lucky number’s 13 - my mother was born on Friday 13th and if that’s unlucky for her then we’ve been lucky because we’ve come out of her. And I’m superstitious - I don’t like things like putting new shoes on a table, I salute magpies, all sorts of stuff. I think it's because of my father’s background, Scottish people are very superstitious.

Are you becoming more superstitious with age?

John Barrowman: I think I’m pretty stable in my superstitions or, as my partner Scott calls them, ‘stupidstitions’.

What's happening with Torchwood?

John Barrowman: My contract has run out and we’ve been asked to take a hiatus, partly because Russell T Davies [the show's creator] can’t write the programme at the moment because he’s dealing with a personal issue so we just have to wait and see. It’s up to the stars and the BBC… and if people want it back they should start writing.

You've published a children's book, Hollow Earth, with your sister Carole, how is that going?

John Barrowman: Hollow Earth is going down really well, we’ve sold the television rights and Carole and I are going to do a big signing in San Diego for the American release so it's all go.

What else lies ahead?

John Barrowman: I’m doing panto at Christmas, I've just finished doing two movies, I’m going to the states to film a TV show for one of NBC's channels, I have a programme coming out about the remake of Dallas in august. Im going to be hosting This Morning on a couple of Fridays this summer...

Do you think you're a workaholic?

John Barrowman: I can tell you I am exactly a workaholic.

Would you consider getting help for that?

John Barrowman: No, there are so many people out there who don’t have jobs, I am so lucky to be employed and be able to keep myself working. Why would I want to get help to stop myself from being a workaholic?

John Barrowman is the Ambassador of The National Lottery Awards 2012 - a celebration of the UK charities which receive lottery funding. To learn more about the awards and to vote for one of the nominated charities, visit

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John Barrowman named top celebrity dog owner

John Barrowman has been named the UK's top 'Celebrity Dog Owner' for 2012.

The Doctor Who and Torchwood actor won the first poll from PetNet after four weeks of voting, beating competition from Alesha Dixon and Paul O'Grady, among others.

John Barrowman and his dogs Charlie, Captain Jack and Harris

"I'm delighted to receive this award," Barrowman said. "My dogs play such an important role in my life and I am proud to promote responsible ownership.

"I will be donating my prize money to Dogs Trust. As their patron, I understand how incredibly hard they work to find new homes for stray and abandoned dogs."

One voter said: "Not only does John look after his own three adorable dogs he also helps dogs at Dogs Trust and does a lot for dogs more than anyone will know. If anyone deserves to win this John does."

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