Monday, 11 February 2013

David Tennant: project news and upates

  • Richard II
"One less performance of Richard II for David Tennant?" 

From David Tennant on Twitter:
Eagle-eyed Paksena on the GallifreyBase forum has spotted that the Richard II performance on Wednesday 13th November is no longer showing on the Royal Shakespeare Company website.

It has been removed in two places on the website including the ticket purchase link but there is nothing to say why or even whether there will be no performance on that day.

When the dates were first announced Monday 11th November was not listed so it now means that during the final week in Stratford-Upon-Avon there will be performances on Tuesday 12th, matinee and evening on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and then matinee and evening on Saturday 15th. The production then moves to the Barbican Centre in London from 9th December.

One suggestion (and we stress that this is only a suggestion) is that POSSIBLY David Tennant could be involved in some promotion for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary on those two days. Nothing has been announced about David doing anything for the 50th on 23rd November but even so various media may wish to interview him.

Another alternative could be that on Monday 11th and / or Wednesday 13th November they will be playing a private or corporate performance which will not go on sale to the public.

This means that David Tennant is now playing 39 performances of Richard II. Tickets to Full RSC Members go on sale tomorrow online at 10am.

Source (including image): David Tennant on Twitter (blog)
  • Penguins - Spy In The Huddle
Penguins - Spy In The Huddle broadcasts today!  
David Tennant narrates the three part nature documentary Penguins - Spy In The Huddle which will be broadcast on consecutive Mondays from 11th February at 9pm on BBC One. The programme uses state of the art camera techniques to film penguins in their natural enviroment in Antarctica and Peru.
More info here
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • The Escape Artist
It seems that David Tennant has been reported a couple of times this week filming the BBC drama The Escape Artist in Surrey this week which may explain why there have been less sightings than if the production was filming in London.
Both of these reports only come from one person so are unsubstantiated but on Wednesday he was reported filming in Guildford and yesterday in a horse yard near Cranleigh in Surrey.
These dates have been added to the Known Filming Dates and Locations section of  The Escape Artist page on (which also includes David's prep word and costume fittings).
Source: David Tennant on Twitter (blog)

  • Broadchurch

New clips of David Tennant in Broadchurch are shown in the new ITV trailer called Where Life Lives, It also includes the first chance to hear David Tennant using his own accent as this character. 
ITV have published their press pack for Broadchurch. It includes an interview with David Tennant
A little tidbit about Broadchurch is that David Tennant uses his own Scottish accent in the drama. In the ITV press kit he says that he presumes his character comes from Glasgow. 
David Tennant's interview from the Broadchurch ITV press pack has been reproduced on the blog.
Source (including image): David Tennant on Twitter (blog) 

  • Every Seventh Wave

BBC Radio Four's website now has a page for Every Seventh Wave which airs next Thursday.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • Shakespeare Uncovered
WETA has a preview video of Shakespeare Uncovered which plays worldwide.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter 

  • The Politician's Husband
Amazon lists the DVD of The Politician's Husband with a release date of 29th April. However there is no pre-order link or cover photo yet. The BBC have not announced yet when the three part series will be broadcast.  
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • Fright Night
Some new (old, as they are from from April 2011!) photos of David Tennant from his Fright Night / Disney shoot have been posted to GettyImages.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

  • Doctor Who
This week's issue of Radio Times will have a free Doctor Who postcards offer. There will be two sets and one of them will include a photo of David Tennant.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

Watch are to repeat Series Four of Doctor Who (starring David Tennant)

Series Four of Doctor Who will start being repeated on the satellite station Watch from Friday 15th February.

Starting on Tuesday 15th January Watch started a new run of repeats of David Tennant's episodes of Doctor Who following a repeat of Christopher Eccleston's series at the beginning of 2013.

Although there were 13 episodes in Series Two, Watch only showed 10 of the episodes on weekdays between Tuesday 15th and Monday 28th January. Due to the nature of the episodes Watch do not show Tooth & Claw, The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit during the day but instead reserve them for late night slots.

Watch started repeating series three on Tuesday 29th January and that series ends on Thursday 14th February.

Each episode is broadcast at 8am and again at 5pm plus it is repeated an hour later on Watch + 1.
Source (including image): David Tennant on Twitter (blog) 

  • Diary dates
Mon 11 Feb - Booking opens for RSC Full Members (web) for Richard II in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Mon 11 Feb - Episode one of Penguins - Spy In The Huddle premieres on BBC One at 9pm.
Wed 13 Feb - Booking opens for RSC Full Members (phone) for Richard II in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Thurs 14 Feb - Every Seventh Wave premieres on BBC Radio Four.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

Source of all David Tennant news: David Tennant on Twitter, the most frequently updated website about the actor David Tennant.

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