Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Robert Carlyle: 'California Solo' available on DVD from March 2013

California Solo

California Solo, the indie film that opened to mixed reviews and a limited theatre release on Nov. 30th 2012 will be available to Robert Carlyle fans from March 5, 2013.
California Solo, written and directed by Marshall Lewy, stars Robert Carlyle as once-famous musician Lachlan MacAldonich. Lachlan now manages a California Organic farm and has a once-weekly musical podcast, discussing “flameouts”, great musicians who had passed away. After getting caught with a DUI, Homeland Security is threatening deportation unless he can mend some fences and rebuild some bridges in a hurry if he wants to stay in the country he's made his home.
It was reported in several interviews Robert Carlyle was a first choice for lead character Lachlan for his involvement in the Britpop scene of the 1990s. He remains friends with the Gallagher brothers from Oasis as well as other members in Blur and The Jam. After reading the script, Carlyle accepted the role within days, feeling strongly connected to the character.
Carlyle fans who missed a theater screening of “California Solo” can catch it March 5, 2013 on DVD. It is currently available for pre-order on
Robert Carlyle can also be seen on ABC hit “Once upon a Time” Sundays, which resumes Feb 10.
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Source: Examiner

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