Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Douglas Henshall: Douglas Henshall discusses his films on Twitter, and Shetland Updates

Douglas Henshall has been talking to fans on Twitter about his forthcoming TV drama Shetland and the films he has appeared in.
He said "Peter Mullan’s Orphans is my favourite."
He also recommended Thomas Vinterberg’s BAFTA nominated film The Hunt and said that Vinterberg’s It’s All About Love in which he starred with Claire Daines and Joaquin Phoenix "had its’ heart in the right place".
Henshall would like to do more films
"I would love to do more films but don't have any plans at the moment or should I say no (one) seems to have any plans to offer me one!’"
Of Shetland he said "Loved my time in Shetland and keeping my fingers crossed we will be back for more in the summer". BBC Scotland features Shetland in its latest video Compelling Stories, and Promote Shetland, the official site for Shetland tourism, has published a map to download on its website promoting the locations that inspired the Shetland series of novels by author Ann Cleeves.

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Source: Douglas Henshall (Live Journal)

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