Monday, 21 January 2013

'The Wee Man' reviews and interviews

Martin Compston plays the lead role in The Wee Man alongside a great cast including John Hannah, Denis Lawson, and Patrick Bergin. 
Here's a random selection of reviews from STV, Metro, Cine-Vue, and The Guardian
There are many more out there!

Video Interview: the Scottish stars of Paul Ferris film
Scottish actors Martin Compston and Laura McMonagle discuss their roles in The Wee Man, based on the life of notorious former gangster Paul Ferris.
The film, which stars Compston as a younger Ferris, tells the story of how he entered the city's crime underworld, working his way up the ranks as an associate of Arthur "The Godfather" Thompson Sr.
Compston, who found fame in Ken Loach’s Sweet Sixteen, discusses what it was like to play such a notorious figure, how he shaped the character and his experience of meeting Ferris in real life.
Ms McMonagle, known for her work on River City and Lip Service, plays Ferris’s girlfriend Anne-Marie.
They also talk about the disappointment in failing to secure permission to film in Glasgow, instead having to shoot scenes in London.
The Wee Man is in cinemas from Friday 18 January
Watch the interviews here 

Compston: Controversy boosted film
Martin Compston believes the controversy around his new film about Scottish gangster Paul Ferris has actually helped boost publicity.
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Director defends making movie on Ferris
London-born actor, writer and producer Ray Purdis has defended his decision to make a movie about Paul Ferris, a one-time violent enforcer for Glasgow mob boss Arthur Thompson Sr.
Read more at Herald Scotland

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