Sunday, 13 January 2013

Billy Connolly: 'The Hobbit' 2 and 3 spoilers

10 Things You'll See In The Hobbit 2 And 3
What to expect when you're on an unexpected journey
10 Things You'll See In The Hobbit 2 And 3 | 9. Billy Connolly Riding A Pig

9. Billy Connolly Riding A PigYes, you read that right. It appears that Dain Ironfoot, the tougher-than-tungsten lord of the dwarves of the Iron Hills, will rock up to the Battle of the Five Armies astride a combat-hog.
“I ride into war on a wild pig!” Billy Connolly told Vulture last year. Richard Taylor seemed to confirm this while speaking to Empire shortly before Christmas, when he said, “It’s been great fun designing a dwarfish army - what they might wear, what they might ride into battle, all that stuff.”
The fact he’s sat on the back of a war-ready oinker won’t be the only eye-opening thing about Connelly’s Dain. “They’re broadening me, making me wider,” added the actor. “I have a mohawk and tattoos on my head. Let me say, this guy will terrify the life out of you.”

Source (including photo): Empire Online 

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