Monday, 21 January 2013

Sean Connery: films at the Glasgow Film Festival, and 'Bond' update

From Finding Connery:
The Glasgow Film Festival 2013 programme was launched this week and I was delighted to see not only a great host of fab looking film fodder but also two Sean films! A late night Highlander screening on Fri 15 February 23.15 at GFT (Not the biggest Highlander fan but will be my first time seeing it on the big screen)
But what I’m REALLY excited about is seeing his foray out of retirement, Ever to Excel, Murray Grigor’s documentary about St Andrew’s. Yes I did have a rant about the mis-management of the film’s distribution last year here but I’m delighted it’s finally getting shown! 
Read more at Finding Connery

Bonds reunion at the Oscars
According to The Edinburgh Evening News, Sean Connery was ‘not asked’ to attend the James Bond reunion at Oscars. Read more here

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