Tuesday, 1 January 2013

David Tennant: project updates

New David Tennant interview about 'Spies Of Warsaw'
In the issue of the TV Times for the week commencing Saturday 5th January, which was published yesterday, there is an interview with David Tennant from the set of Spies Of Warsaw.
There is also a preview of the two part drama which the TV Times have included as one of its Highlights for Wednesday and they give it five stars.
Read more at David Tennant on Twitter (blog)
19 new photos from Spies Of Warsaw have been posted onto a Polish website including several photos of David Tennant. Read more here

David Tennant to appear on Royal Mail stamp
David Tennant, as the Tenth Doctor, will appear on a set of Royal Mail stamps to be issued in March which will commemorate the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.
Link to pre-order the Doctor Who stamps plus the chance to win some Doctor Who merchandise.
Read more at David Tennant on Twitter

Diary dates

Mon 31 Dec - BBC America in the US broadcasts 24 hours of David Tennant / Doctor Who from 8am and into New Year's Day.
Tues 1 Jan - The television station Watch has a David Tennant / Doctor Who afternoon.
Fri 4 Jan - David Tennant records The Jonathan Ross Show in London.
Sat 5 Jan - David Tennant will be on The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV at 9.45pm.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter http://www.davidtennantontwitter.com/DT.html

Tree Fu Tom
TescoDirect have Tree Fu Tom toys available to pre-order, including David Tennant's character Twiggs.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

Absolute Radio
David Tennant was featured in the (pre-recorded) programme Christmas Morning With Christian on Absolute Radio.
MP3s of the new segments from all three hours of David Tennant on Absolute Radio on Christmas Day are here.
Source: David Tennant on Twitter

For all the latest David Tennant news, check the most frequently updated website - David Tennant on Twitter. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook, too!

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