Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ian de Caestecker: 'Young James Herriot' showing in Australia

'Young James Herriot' showing in Australia
Ian de Caestecker plays a young James Herriot.
Ian de Caestecker plays a young James Herriot.

In this first episode of Young James Herriot, the prequel to the much-loved series All Creatures Great and Small, we meet a young Herriot (Iain de Caestecker) on his first day at the dark and dingy Glasgow Veterinary College. Almost immediately James finds himself involved in high jinks and attending to a sick horse. We encounter all manner of other warm-blooded mammals as Herriot charts his way in this quirky, clever and charming show. It is set in 1930s Glasgow, which looks like a dastardly place to live, but James's new friends warm to him quickly and see to it that bitter-sweetness can be countenanced by good humour and good drink. The central female character, Whirly Tyson (Amy Manson), is a strong and forthright young woman forced to deal with issues some viewers may remember only too well - or still, unfortunately, have to put up with.

Airs on ABC1, 8.20pm (Australia)

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