Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tommy Flanagan: new film project?

From We Got This Covered:
Charlie Hunnam Making Directorial Debut With Tommy Flanagan
The past few years have brought a lot success to English actor Charlie Hunnam, who stars in the hit FX series Sons Of Anarchy, which just wrapped its fifth and most successful season on Tuesday night. On top of the hit series, Hunnam has a new film in theatres titled Deadfall, where he stars alongside Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde. Oh, and he also has a major blockbuster coming up as he’ll be starring in Pacific Rim, which will arrive in 2013.
As if that wasn’t enough for the rising star, Collider has revealed that Hunnam will make his directorial debut shortly with a screenplay he wrote and that the film will star his Sons Of Anarchy co-star Tommy Flanagan.
“I’m going to write is this film that I have for Tommy Flanagan that I want to direct for him to star in. We want to go and make that for a million bucks in Britain. Tommy is just amazing. I just think he’s phenomenal. Some of the work he did this season (on Sons of Anarchy) was just breathtaking.”
 Source: We Got This Covered

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