Sunday, 2 December 2012

Peter Mullan and Kevin McKidd to star in 'Cross My Mind'

Cross My Mind casting update on IMDB
Cross My Mind  (2014)
Drama  -   2014 (Germany)
Not yet released
An intense and erotic love is born out of loneliness and secret passion. The woman is married. The young soldier is starting to recover. She is not who he thinks she is. A film about the urgency of deceit and desire; seeing and not seeing. 
It explores the lives of three lonely and damaged people, and the lies each tell themselves and others in order to escape into a more exciting and erotic world. This is also a film about the urgency of deceit and desire in the midst of illicit love, set among the bleak and haunting remnants of Glasgow's docks. 

Director:  Antonia Bird
Writers:Naomi Wallace, Bruce McLeod
Stars:Kevin McKidd, Olivia Williams and Peter Mullan

Source: IMDB 

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