Sunday, 23 December 2012

John Barrowman hosts BBC America's 'Doctor Who' prequels

BBC America airs two ‘Doctor Who’ prequels, hosted by John Barrowman

From Hypable:
We’ve already seen one Doctor Who prequel online featuring Jenny, Vastra, and Strax. The question is, is BBC America repeating that one or are we getting two entirely new prequels?
According to the BBC America press release:
BBC AMERICA’s pop culture correspondent ASHA LEO & Captain Jack Harkness himself, JOHN BARROWMAN countdown the rankings of the Top 5 DW Companions, the Top 5 Scariest Monsters, and more!
PLUS: You’ve gotta watch, because it’s the only place to see an Exclusive First Look at “The Snowmen,” featuring all new interviews with stars MATT SMITH & JENNA-LOUISE COLEMAN and executive producer/lead writer STEVEN MOFFAT!
AND! We’ll also have the U.S. Television Premiere of the 2 DOCTOR WHO Christmas Prequels!

Source: Hypable

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