Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tony Curran: official Facebook page updates

New from Tony Curran's official Facebook page -

Defiance - April 2013

"This shot was taken during the shooting of the Pilot of April 2013, Datak and Stahma Tarr,a couple not to be trifled with, if you know whats good for you. Myself and my lovely co star Jaime Murray." 

League of Extraordinary Gentleman
"It has been 10 yrs since we shot LXG, 6 months shooting in Prague, was an amazing time, shame it was Sean Connerys last Film but what a fun time. Myself and my friend Jason Flemyng coined the new phrase Prosthetic Depression, being in Latex for to long can drive you a wee bit mad, not to mention tight blue spandex. "

Underworld: Evolution
"First Scene I shot in Underworld was when Marcus rises from his coven, 7 hours in make up and we shot it in two shakes of a lambs tale, Prosthetic Depression was about to envelope my soul, happy daze....."

Boardwalk Empire
"When I went for a wardrobe fitting for Boardwalk in Williamsburg Brooklyn it was 105 outside and the old jewish tailor that had been there since the early nineteen hundreds had no AC inside, wow that was some hot scratchy wool man, met Steve Buscemi and discussed the character, I said I dont get whacked maybe Eamon can return? He gave me a wry smile and walked off in to the heat."

Doctor Who
"It was a great role to play and Vincent Van Gogh was an incredible man but most importantly I felt was the reaction from people who have experienced depression and mental health, it is such a stigma in areas of society and it should not be the case, when people say they watched this episode and it moved them, made them feel they were not alone and went on to get help, Its why I became an actor in the first place."


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