Monday, 9 March 2009

That guy on Twitter is not Ewan McGregor

I think I posted a few weeks ago that Ewan McGregor might have had a Twitter account. Well, people, he doesn't. It's just someone pretending to be him:

Actor Ewan McGregor is threatening legal action over an Internet impostor pretending to be him on various social networking sites.

The online fraudster purporting to be McGregor has convinced nearly 20,000 fans to subscribe to his regular updates on

The phony messages tell followers the alleged star is "about to enjoy banana pancakes" and "finally has some relaxing time".

But McGregor is adamant the messages aren't from him.

A spokesperson for the star says, "Ewan does not have a Twitter site or one on MySpace either. Someone is just making it all up. People monitor his movements. We are looking into taking action to have the Twitter site removed."



  1. I really wish I had as much spare time on my hand as that person obviously must have. So we need to find another way of suggesting the nude Oscar acceptance to Ewan :(.

  2. LOL Purple. Seriously. That guy needs to find something really fulfilling to do.


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