Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Bad news for 'I Love You Phillip Morris'

We might not get to watch it in North America. It has only been a few weeks since it premiered to good reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, but I Love You Phillip Morris, starring Ewan McGregor still not been sold. The producer of the dark comedy says it has been taken off the market.

He added: "If it's a film that has somebody with marketing value, but it's a more difficult film, the price may not be large. Whoever's handling the sale of the film may take a while to come to terms with that."

The film was one of the most anticipated films of Sundance, but the complexity of the movie left distributors not knowing how the film could find an audience. Even those who loved the film were unsure of how to market it.

Producer Andrew Lazar says the film starring Ewan McGregor, is no longer on the market and the production company plans to announce a theatrical deal "very soon." However, during the festival, the filmmakers said they were going to continue editing the film -- turning its debut at Sundance into a work-in-progress screening -- so it remains unclear how the newer version will play.

I know how to market this and here's the premise: Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey make out in this movie. See distributors?



  1. Your premise completely sold it to me. Is there any chance of the film being released outside North America?

  2. It opens sometime during the summer in Belgium and the UK. They haven't decided when in the summer yet though.


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