Tuesday, 3 March 2009

James McAvoy and David Tennant grace the cover of Radio Times

The Radio Times has decided to create 21 different covers for its newest issue. James McAvoy and David Tennant are two of the stars featured on the cover to mark next week's 21st anniversary of Red Nose Day. Next week's issue comes out today, with 21 different covers promoting the anniversary. The Comic Relief charity was founded in 1985, with its main fundraising event, Red Nose Day, first being aired in 1988 on the BBC. The issues with James and David will appear on Scottish newsstands. For everyone who doesn't live in Scotland, here are the two covers for you:



  1. OK -- this is just TOO MUCH !!! James even looks SEXY with that nose on !! I'd like to just bite it right off - yum !! LoL !!

    Seriously - GOOD for HIM, and David too, doing 'good works' -

    I remember 'red nose day' from when we lived in England, it was awesome, all the kids did it, even in the US school !

  2. I didn't know you had lived in England. That's so cool. I used to go to England every summer when I was a kid.

  3. "The issues with James and David will appear on Scottish newsstands." That is so unfair :(. I bought my red nose yesterday, but I don't look nearly as good with it as either James or David.

  4. It is unfair Purple. The people in Scotland are so lucky. And I think the people in England are going to get some slightly lame people on their covers sadly. BOO!


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