Friday, 20 March 2009

Alan Cumming's thoughts on Natasha Richardson

As you all know, Natasha Richardson passed away yesterday. Alan Cumming wrote a lovely little tribute to his Cabaret co-star on his blog, so I thought I'd post it:

I, like everyone, am totally devastated by the sudden death of Natasha Richardson. The term 'life force' seems trite but that is what she was: a woman who powered through life and fascinated everyone she encountered. I have been thinking about the times I spent with her since I heard the news of her tragic accident, and the strongest memory I have is of her laughter, her unmistakeable throaty laugh. I think that's a great way to remember someone.

She was a brilliant actress. I will never forget her Blanche Dubois. It was almost too much, too real and raw. Liam and the boys and her whole family have lost an amazing woman. We all have. Goodbye, darling.

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