Monday, 23 March 2009

Even more bad news for 'I Love You Phillip Morris'

I Love You Phillip Morris starring Ewan McGregor is still trying to find a US distributor. Here's an excerpt from an article explaining why:

A prison comedy starring Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey as gay lovers may not be shown in American cinemas because it is considered too risqué.

I Love You Phillip Morris, in which the stars play inmates who find love behind bars, has failed to find a US distributor and is expected to go straight to DVD.

Film industry insiders said the movie, which features a graphic sex scene and frequent references to gay sex, had fallen foul of anti-gay prejudice in America.

The independent movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, has attracted mixed reviews, with one critic for Variety, the movie bible, remarking that the “clingy physicality of Steven and Phillip” and “spectacular, ride ’em-cowboy sex scene” would give some fans of Carrey’s mainstream movies a heart attack.

Lewis Tice, director of publicity and marketing, at distributors TLA Releasing, said he believed the graphic homosexual sex depicted in the film had turned off distributors.

“The depiction of the sexual activity was far more than I’ve ever seen in a mainstream film with a mainstream celebrity,” he said. “There’s a graphic sex scene in the first 10 minutes that I was surprised to see.”

Tice added: “Lesbian gay bisexual and transvestite cinema is still seen as an underground, specific genre. When it comes to Hollywood mainstream, they want the widest audience possible for the amount of money they spend.”

Scott Stiffler, author of Why Hollywood Avoids Gay Movies, added: “Mostly straight, multiplex-going audiences don’t want to see a romantic comedy in which two dudes get it on; unless it is meant as a joke.

The film is currently being re-edited in a last ditch attempt to find an American distributor. If it fails to do so, it will go straight to DVD.

Well, this is sort of depressing to be honest. I, for one will pay money to see two hot dudes (well Jim Carrey is okay), get it on. I honestly, don't think the distributors are giving audiences credit, but what do I know.




  1. “spectacular, ride ’em-cowboy sex scene” - I need to see this.
    Seriously, this is the 21st-century... I'm sure most people have realised by now that a) gay couples exist and b) they might even have sex. If people don't like it, they don't have to go see it. And Brokeback Mountain was a huge success, wasn't it?
    Anyway, I really hope we'll get to watch this film. Ride 'em, cowboy!

  2. Hello ??? Did these people NOT see that Sean Penn won an OSCAR for playing a gay role ?? And THAT film was nominated for BEST PICTURE ?? Of course I don't know what they define as 'graphic' -- but I'd say there was some of that in 'MILK' as well !!

    It's just absurd for a movie with two such big name actors to go straight to DVD, when I think of some of the absolute JUNK that plays at my theater !

  3. Their definition of graphic might not actually be graphic. I remember a lot of people freaked out about Brokeback Mountain, and the sex scenes were basically just like every other R rated romance. It is bizarre that people are still making a gay romance into an issue. I mean, it's 2009!

    I really hope someone buys the rights to distribute the film because it would really be awful that it went straight to DVD in the US. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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